Even in today’s time’s people are still interested in and fascinated by many different medieval weapons and armor. Although no longer in general use, they are far from forgotten. Medieval weapons and armor have one good feature which includes the sheer diversity of the weapon are always available. Medieval weapons and armor can be worn for reenactments of battles or for practicing, but to do so the medieval weapons and armor must meet specific requirements. Battles in the medieval times were not just fights, they were fights to the death and in those, weapons were the most critical part.

Medieval weapons and armor were not just for protection and safety alone, they were an honor and pride of the owner, They must be made to be battle ready and functional, which means that materials other than stainless steel are used for the blades and must be made using proven claying methods for forging swords. Steel is a considerably better metal for weapons and armor. Steel is harder than iron outstandingly. Nevertheless, it has a massive amount of spring back and flexibility when overstressed. This spring back are more durable and flexible when in use.Making steel art demands an unusual amount of skills because the steel has to be tempered and quenched and also the upright amount of carbon needs to be added adequately. (Tempering and quenching is the process of warming with fire and chilling with water). Steel fetch weapons to new altitude because longer and more durable weapons are made from it, and it can grip an edge exceptionally one side. One significant feature of steel in combat is the effect on the speed of combat. Weapons which are lighter and stronger makes the combatant move very quickly. This was an essential characteristic of the arms race and the medieval arms race is always touching ahead still in the balance.

In addition to these legendary medieval weapons, armors were an essential part of the weaponry and battle fatigues during the Dark Ages. Each knight would have a separate emblem on his armor signifying his role and magnificence. The medieval weapons and armor made famous in association with the knight are well known. King Arthur and his knights made famous the sword one of the leading devices constituting the complete gamut of medieval weapons and armor.For instance, there are a variety of options for medieval weapons and armor. You can hang one on the wall emulating a framed-picture decoration.There are stories which still abide by high royalty and their medieval weapons and armor which are things that legends are made of.